First discipleship weekend in Burkina Faso, West Africa

“Your teaching has opened my ears to be able to listen to God on my own”   – young Burkina Faso leader Ghana shares the northern border with the country of Burkina Faso.  Although culturally similar in ways, Burkina is French speaking.  Local dialects span country borders, however, which laid the ground for YLI CoachesContinue reading “First discipleship weekend in Burkina Faso, West Africa”

Naomi’s “Van-Bus” Project

Naomi’s love, and expertise as an educator and a discipler, was making an impact, but transportation was needed…. In Africa, it is not uncommon for subsistence farmers to pick up and move in order to find a piece of fertile land from which to feed their families. Wherever they settle, many build impromptu villages inContinue reading “Naomi’s “Van-Bus” Project”

March Madness — for the love of underdogs

a 91 second video: challenging commonly-held leadership beliefs. Are you the type that is drawn to underdogs?  Did you inexplicably pick UNC-Wilmington over Duke in your bracket yesterday?  Backing an underdog is risky business, but there are few experiences more exhilarating than a David knocking off an arrogant Goliath. Servant leaders around the world, including in Ghana, are ‘Davids’ — underdogs swimmingContinue reading “March Madness — for the love of underdogs”

Yakubu Zacharia: pastor, missionary and disciplemaker

YLI’s relationship with Zac began in 2007.  We’ve been watching him for a while, and this year he was invited to become a Coach.  Zac is from the Dagomba people of northern Ghana and ministers cross-culturally in a Konkomba community called Naamu.  When Zac moved to Naamu he rented a room in the home ofContinue reading “Yakubu Zacharia: pastor, missionary and disciplemaker”

Jonah: clean water for Sedbeni

Sedbeni is a community of approximately 750 people (>50% of whom are children) in Ghana’s northern region.  YLI Coach Jonah Manyan and his team planted a church in the community a few years ago, and it became evident to him that a lack of access to clean drinking water was the most pressing issue in the community. DuringContinue reading “Jonah: clean water for Sedbeni”