March Madness — for the love of underdogs

a 91 second videochallenging commonly-held leadership beliefs.

Are you the type that is drawn to underdogs?  Did you inexplicably pick UNC-Wilmington over Duke in your bracket yesterday?  Backing an underdog is risky business, but there are few experiences more exhilarating than a David knocking off an arrogant Goliath.

Servant leaders around the world, including in Ghana, are ‘Davids’ — underdogs swimming against a current of self-aggrandizement and corruption (and yes, that’s often true here too).  YLI Coaches like Vincent Asamoah are humble and plucky leaders committed to changing the leadership culture in our world.  Vincent embraced an underdog role when he started a basketball-focused discipleship ministry in a country where soccer is king and many kids have never even held a basketball.

If you have a thing for underdogs, check out the 91 second video and visit Vincent’s page.   See for yourself how basketball, and love, are producing servant leaders in places where “leadership” and “corruption” are all-to-often synonymous.

Grateful for your partnership!

Ash Zook
Executive Director

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