ministry at the speed of relationship

deep discipleship of a few = exponential impact

Focus on a few leads to greater (not less) impact
Following the example of Jesus and the apostles, Young Leaders International invests time and resources discipling small numbers of carefully selected young leaders.  This focus on spiritual depth has sparked new movements of the gospel around West Africa.

Commitment to discipleship
We identify young men and women between the ages of 18-35 who possess leadership qualities and are already deeply involved in their immediate communities.  We invite them into our discipleship culture, and train them to disciple others (2 Timothy 2:2).

A network of discipleship communities for young leaders
YLI believes in the value of deep community (an experience that has been largely lost in the West), and in the contributions of all cultures in the Body of Christ.  Drawing upon the strength of our friends’ cultures, we connect leaders from different nations together so we all can contribute, learn, and participate in each others successes.

Practical and effective acts of love
Central to the YLI vision is the value of a loving lifestyle lived out in relationship with lost, broken and hurting people.  For us, Love is the ‘main thing’.  We partner with leaders on love-evangelism projects like clean water, education, sports and church planting.

A passion for the unreached
Despite the advances in technology and modern communication, there still remain millions of individuals who have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.  YLI Coaches and trained leaders are actively moving intentionally into unreached areas.


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