our values

Young Leaders. Jesus spent over fifty percent of his time developing twelve young men to build His kingdom after he was gone. We value the building of young men and women to help prepare them for a fruitful life of reaching and discipling others for Christ.

Authentic Biblical Community. We value environments of fellowship, nurture, education and continued spiritual growth and see them as essential for leadership development.

These are the lifestyle values we instill in young leaders

Intimacy with God. Jesus defines His followers as those who know His voice. We value and teach the importance of hearing God’s voice, understanding what He is saying and following Him.

Relationship Evangelism. While Jesus never sinned, sinful people loved to be around Him. He focused His life on reaching them through a method we call “love evangelism”. We value building intentional friendships with non-believers and loving them with the love of Christ.

Spiritual Reproduction. We are reborn spiritually with the ability and command to reproduce spiritually. We value Jesus’ command to “go make disciples of all nations”, trusting God to multiply His life through us and others for multiple generations.

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