ministry model

Program Model

YLI provides relational discipleship and leadership coaching of young Christian leaders in countries with significant leadership needs. We draw young leaders into our discipleship community where we train and equip them for a lifetime of fruitful kingdom leadership in their community, ministry, and family.  YLI’s coaching process is progressive

YLI’s relational discipleship process is distinctive in that we do not only seek to produce mature spiritual leaders, but we partner with other agencies to develop well-rounded leaders all aspects of life and ministry like: leading in the family, character development, theological education, entrepreneurship and vocational discernment.

Growth Strategies

  • Increase number of YLI Coaches in West Africa by 1 per year.
  • Expand training and coaching efforts throughout West Africa.

Some Results-to-Date

  • More than 2000 young leaders in seven countries have completed YLI training.
  • Indigenous, multiplying, self-sustaining movement with 5 churches in a previously unreached Muslim group.
  • Ghanaian coaches have extended YLI’s discipleship model to Nigeria and Burkina Faso.
  • Sports ministry partner serving and teaching the gospel more than 1000 youth per month.
  • Clean water provided to more than 3000 people in 8 communities.
  • 30+ African migrant children, who otherwise would not, are receiving an education and hot meal 5 days / week.

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