In memory of Bruce Genter

On February 19th, we lost Carrie’s father, Bruce Genter. Bruce and Joyce were incredibly supportive of YLI and our family’s involvement — even when we would take their grandchildren to Africa for long stretches. It was a difficult sacrifice for them, but Bruce and Joyce didn’t let the distance stop them, traveling to rural MaliContinue reading “In memory of Bruce Genter”

YLI is 20 years old in 2022!

A message from Executive Director, Ash Zook. I just returned from Ghana in late November, and my excitement level was almost as high as when I first joined YLI. Over the past 13 years I have either lived in Ghana with my family or have taken four trips each year. But since 2019, I haveContinue reading “YLI is 20 years old in 2022!”

Discipleship growth in universities

God wastes nothing, not even a global pandemic! For the last two years, YLI West African director, Yakubu Zachariah (Zach) and his top Nigerian leaders, Abraham Shuaibu and Peter Iliya, have not been permitted to travel and gather for many training events due to COVID restrictions. Instead they’ve focused their discipleship efforts on students atContinue reading Discipleship growth in universities

Love through Food and Clean Water

We call it “Love Evangelism” and its key to discipleship! Our leaders stayed at home more this year, but led with their lives in very practical ways. In YLI we simply call this Love Evangelism and encompasses 30% of YLI’s Basic Training. In summary, we Christians might have great evangelistic fervor and the best technology,Continue reading Love through Food and Clean Water

YLI Intern Addison continues  Naomi’s work with displaced children in Sunyani

Addison is a YLI Intern who was discipled by Naomi Awuni, who we lost to liver disease in November of 2020. Naomi’s King James School was started after she visited makeshift villages of displaced people living in the forest outside her town and saw they were not receiving education. As part of Naomi’s hands onContinue reading “YLI Intern Addison continues  Naomi’s work with displaced children in Sunyani”


Your opportunity to join in!  Zach, the YLI Coaches, and the seven Interns have proposed an exciting 2022 plan. The growth in both Ghana and Nigeria means that next year Zach will be traveling more to Nigeria and he will be delegating more of the Ghana leadership responsibility to Jonah, David and Simon, a YLIContinue reading 2022 MINISTRY GOALS

Learning how to hear God’s voice (and why).

It is subconscious most of the time, but we American Christians tend to have an inflated sense of control over our lives (and others). If we let down our levers of control, and instead enter into a conversational relationship with God, everything changes. It is how life is supposed to be lived for every followerContinue reading “Learning how to hear God’s voice (and why).”