Why what’s happening in Nigeria is so exciting

“In all my time in YLI, I have not witnessed such receptivity and enthusiasm like in this conference. They were open to share from their lives and ready for deeper relationship.”

–  YLI Coach Constant Adzomani

Jim Moye founded YLI in 2002 through a few deep discipling friendships and we’ve chosen to continue that impulse into 2018.  Depth ensures we continue to see our vision of young leaders reaching their world with the gospel.  We’ve experienced time and again that fostering deep relationships with a few, and making transformation the goal, not numbers, leads to exponentially more long term impact.  Its vital for us to gain trust and relational access below the surface of leaders’ lives.

This year, our relationships with young leaders (through the Holy Spirit) led us into northern Nigeria, a tough but exciting place to minister!  And it has been incredible so far.  Because of our foundation of local relationships in Nigeria we’ve experienced a high level of engagement, even though we are new on the scene.  YLI in Nigeria will soon be it’s own self-sustaining community and organization.  The same process is also taking place north of Ghana in the country of Burkina Faso.

We all make a choice:  Will we do what most people do and stay “surfacey” in our relationships.   Or will be do the hard work and take the risk intentionally going deep with people?   YLI has grown and extended geographically as we’ve followed our relationships with young leaders.

Not compromising on depth of relationships has been a core value in YLI for 15+ years.  It has been a guardrail that has helped us stay focused on the destination (not crash the car in a ditch!).

Do you have guardrail values that focus and protect your lives’ work?

Grateful for you!

First Nigeria 3 day training

A few interesting facts, and why we are so excited about YLI’s natural expansion in northern Nigeria:

  • Ghana Coaches Yakubu Zacharia and Naomi Awuni traveled 4 daysby road to northern Nigeria.
  • Word spread.  33young leaders came the 1st day, 45the 2nd day, and 51the 3rd day.
  • Ghana trained YLI leader Constant Adzomanilives in Nigeria and is responding to interest by forming a leadership team of disciples to hold more training and Coaching opportunities for young leaders.

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