Pass the baton, but don’t exit the race too soon.

Multiply what’s best in you.

One of the great things about our leadership transition to Gen-2 Coaches is how the first generation, now in their 40’s and 50’s, are giving of themselves to support the younger leadership.


Passing the baton, but not exiting the race.

Discipleship and apprenticeship necessarily culminate with a
handing over of a baton, but
Gen-1 Coaches like Jonah,
Naomi, Vincent, and Solomon
are still participating in the new innovation and growth in YLI.

My first 2019 trip to Ghana was part strategy meeting and part “ministry of presence”.  Coming out of that time, we have begun implementing a plan to train the third generation of Coaches in Nigeria and Ghana.

New Nigerian leaders

Our new work in Nasarawa State has expanded to six young Coaches, women and men who have started going deep in relationship and spiritual growth with 28 university students. 

Spiritual apprenticeship

The Gen-1 Coaches and I invested in Constant Adzomani, a Ghanaian who moved to Nigeria for two years.  In Nigeria, he raised up the first Nigerian Coaches.  Now he travels periodically back to Nigeria to continue to train and encourage them.

Multiplying what is good

It’s sobering and true that for good and bad we will multiply what we are into those around us.  If we live intentionally in our discipleship, we have the best chance to pass on what is best in us.  I am encouraged that although I have not yet met the Nigerian Coaches, I recognize in them what I love about YLI: our focus on love, our values, our mission to empower others not just ourselves.  

This is what the Nigerian Coaches shared with me recently.

“We give God the glory for counting us worthy to partner with Him in this sacred task of building young leaders that will shoulder the affairs of the Kingdom in their generation. Although we are also young ourselves, we do not take this calling and election for granted at all. We have wholeheartedly accepted the task and believe God to passionately pursue the Vision (Going Deep with a Few) and Mission (2 Timothy 2:2) of YLI to actualization in Nigeria.”

“We are not claiming to be sufficient of ourselves but our sufficiency is of Christ who has called us and qualified us as able ministers of the New Covenant and as ambassadors of His Kingdom here on earth. As we conduct ourselves in this task of YLI in Nigeria, it is our earnest desire that we will recommend ourselves to peoples’ conscious and be proven faithful by the Lord Himself who will judge both the living and the dead at His appearing. God bless you all.”

YLI has never been about Jim Moye, Fran Moye, Fent Smith, or Ash Zook.  Long after all of us leave the story, young leaders continue l continue to grow in their followship of Jesus and multiply what is best in them.

It brings to mind the Casting Crowns song, Only Jesus: 

 I don’t want to leave a legacy
I don’t care if they remember me
Only Jesus.

Thank you all for reading, for your financial support, and your prayer.


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