First discipleship weekend in Burkina Faso, West Africa

“Your teaching has opened my ears to be able to listen to God on my own”  

– young Burkina Faso leader

Ghana shares the northern border with the country of Burkina Faso.  Although culturally similar in ways, Burkina is French speaking.  Local dialects span country borders, however, which laid the ground for YLI Coaches to hold the first three-day discipleship weekend in Burkina from March 21-25.

Pastors from seven different churches and 46 young leaders participated.  The responses we are getting indicate that God is opening a new door for us in Burkina.  Young people shared that no one had ever taught them discipleship, intimacy with God, or love evangelism.  It was a special time.  New friendships were started from which the Coaches will begin to build discipling relationships.  We pray that in time we will have the first Burkina YLI Coaches.

We’ll be going back to Burkina Faso in September to deepen the training.  Please pray for the Ghana Coaches as they become cross cultural missionaries beyond their own borders!

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