Naomi’s “Van-Bus” Project

Naomi’s love, and expertise as an educator and a discipler, was making an impact, but transportation was needed….

In Africa, it is not uncommon for subsistence farmers to pick up and move in order to find a piece of fertile land from which to feed their families. Wherever they settle, many build impromptu villages in the bush with other families and try to survive.  Many go to the Brong-Ahafo region, Ghana’s forest belt, where YLI Coach Naomi Awuni lives.

Naomi, a school teacher, began traveling to these communities to serve and evangelize.  When she saw the children had no education options, she created one — the King James School (named after her son James and her late son King).

Naomi’s love motivated her to sacrifice her aged Toyota Corolla to transport the children, but when she found herself making three round trips to the bush every day, with 12 children in the car each way(!), we saw an opportunity for a strategic investment.  You the YLI Tribe stepped up and funded the purchase of a cargo van which we converted into a school bus to last month.   The children (see below) are excited, and we are so grateful for the impact of your generosity.

From this…

IMG_7207 (1)

To this…


To THIS!!!


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