Naomi Awuni, 1965-2020

Dear Friends of Young Leaders International,

November 19th I heard from Sharon Awuni that her mother and our Coach, Naomi, had died suddenly. My friend Naomi was just 55 years old, and joined YLI the same year I did. She was a close friend and a great encourager during some difficult seasons of leadership. We will miss her dearly.

Naomi crowned herself “YLI Queen Mother”. She was the joyful heart of our ministry despite being widowed when her children were young, and the death of her 16 year old son King in 2015. She leaves behind Sharon and an adult son, James, who lives with his wife and baby in Poland. Also mourning with the entire YLI community are the teachers and 130 children at her school, the King James Educational Complex, which she founded in 2015 for the children of migrant farming families.

Over the last 12 years there have been many posts about Naomi on this site, and I have linked a few of them below. Her’s was an incredible life of great faith. May her life remind us that life is best lived with deep love and radical discipleship to Jesus.

This quote from Francois Fenelon captures what I observed in Naomi over the years as her friend and co-laborer for the Kingdom.

Open yourself to God without measure. Let His life flow through you like a torrent.
Fear nothing on the road you are walking. God will lead you by the hand.
Let your love for Him cast out the fear you feel for yourself.

In God’s endless love and wisdom, He would not create a world that did not include Naomi Awuni, and for that I am grateful.

In Christ,
Ash Zook, Executive Director

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