Your opportunity to join in! 

Zach, the YLI Coaches, and the seven Interns have proposed an exciting 2022 plan. The growth in both Ghana and Nigeria means that next year Zach will be traveling more to Nigeria and he will be delegating more of the Ghana leadership responsibility to Jonah, David and Simon, a YLI Intern. 

Each of the 12 Basic and Follow Up weekend trainings listed below will cost on average $400 and will serve between 20-45 leaders per event. The two Leadership Development Summits will cost approximately $1500 each, and the Coach and Intern retreats, which are international in that leaders attend from both Ghana and Nigeria, will cost $2500 each. I am grateful that our model allows us to impact so many young people at such a reasonable cost.

An urgent transportation need

Zach travels a lot in his leadership role with YLI. Up until now he has traveled via public transportation or on the motorcycle we purchased for him several years ago when he was focused just on rural village ministry.  In August, Zach had a serious accident on the motorcycle and spent a full month on his back in the hospital in after undergoing surgery. We are grateful God preserved his life. In order for Zach to keep up his travel pace, we need to provide him with a safe and reliable vehicle. I am trying to raise an additional $10,000 to $15,000 to purchase a used pick up for Zach to drive for his YLI ministry around northern Ghana. If you would, please pray about an additional gift to help us with this purchase! 

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