Yakubu Zacharia: pastor, missionary and disciplemaker

YLI’s relationship with Zac began in 2007.  We’ve been watching him for a while, and this year he was invited to become a Coach.  Zac is from the Dagomba people of northern Ghana and ministers cross-culturally in a Konkomba community called Naamu.  When Zac moved to Naamu he rented a room in the home of a polygamist idol worshipper named Tumbodo.  Before long, he had led Tumbodo, along with his wives and children to Christ.

Zac also introduced me to two women who separately sought him out for prayer.  Both women were incapable of having children and had spent a lot of their money on traditional African healers, soothsayers and priests who appealed to idols and their local deities on their behalf.   Zac prayed with them that God would show his power by allowing them to conceive.  Both women did conceive and give birth to healthy babies.  Now both women attend Zac’s church with their families.

Nearly 100 adults now attend the church that Zac pastors.  Not one of them knew Christ before meeting Zac.  Can you imagine attending a church where all of the members are new Christians?

Naamu is a community where we hope to install a water project next year.  Their water source is a reservoir that is also home to a sizable crocodile population.  I saw them watching me from the water as we toured the pond in September.  Zac told me that when the water gets low the crocs often wander the village at night and even enter peoples’ homes, causing the inhabitants to climb out the nearest window!  If you would like to be involved in providing clean water for Naamu, please let us know.


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