What’s new with Shoot4Life and Vincent Asamoah

vincent amos


Vincent has seen Shoot4Life grow over the last six years from ten young adults learning basketball on a borrowed court to a widespread program that is reaching 3000 children.  The ministry now even owns three courts.  Despite this growth, Vincent still focuses his energy on the young adult basketball coaches he is training to disciple kids. Two of his coaches are now are full time staff of Shoot4Life.  Spending so much of his time early on building his leadership team before even involving children has led to the kind of multiplication that many teach, but few have the discipline and faith to stick with.  What makes Vincent such a great leader is that everything he teaches is visible in his own life.

Vincent is 100% dedicated to training strong, committed leaders.  He talks about the joy he experiences as he watches his own son being discipled by a coach who was trained through Shoot4Life.  Many children have come to know Jesus through Shoot4Life which has given Vincent access to minister to whole families.  One boy with a particularly difficult home life entered the program a few years ago.  He now lives with Vincent and is being raised by him.  There is always something new going on with Vincent, because where you find Vincent you will also find vision and action.

Many of the children who come through Shoot4Life come from poor conditions, but Vincent has high expectations for them.   He believes he is preparing them for life.  Vincent’s mantra is that Ghana needs a new generation of leaders who fear God, and he believes that some of those future leaders are learning to play basketball with him.   Knowing Vincent as I do, I don’t doubt it for a moment.

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