The shortest distance between two points…

Rose has become a vital part of our daily life, helping with the cleaning and laundry, watching the children at times and teaching me to cook some wonderful Ghanaian dishes. Although her work day should end at 5:00, it is often 5:30 when she is finally ready to leave for the night. Worrying about herContinue reading “The shortest distance between two points…”

A family update from Carrie

There are a few new photos on the Pictures page.   From Carrie:  “Rose, the woman who works at the house, has taken to going on walks with John Mark.  If John Mark is getting fussy, or I am trying to cook, Rose will scoop up John Mark with a smile and a ‘John Mark, so sorry!  Let’sContinue reading “A family update from Carrie”

Carrie, Liberia, Jatoe, Drobo…

I’ve heard the requests for another update from Carrie and please know that she is working on one between everything else she has going on with our kids, other neighborhood kids, the house, shopping in the market, planning meals, me…., and also hosting Albert Jatoe, Eric Awinaaba and Roland Martin this weekend.  I think that theContinue reading “Carrie, Liberia, Jatoe, Drobo…”

Roland Martin has arrived in Ghana

I am learning that air travel is “air travel” regardless of the country, and that flying from Liberia to Ghana can be just as frustrating as a Friday afternoon flight trip from Laguardia to Atlanta!  Churcher and I left Kumasi early this morning for the 4 hour drive to Accra.  Roland was due to arriveContinue reading “Roland Martin has arrived in Ghana”

An update on Liberia

Here in Ghana, one of our challenges is gaining the trust of local pastors in towns where we train young people.  The suspicion is that YLI is coming to start a new church and “abduct” their best talent!  So, before each conference we make efforts to visit each pastor at least once to introduce YLI, and also to show proper cultural respect forContinue reading “An update on Liberia”

Essam Identification Summit Video Clips

From the trip to Western Region last week…It may take a few hours for all of these to process so if they don’t work at first, please visit again later. This first video is for Jim Moore (few people know he is a great lover of African singing and dancing).  The song leader’s dog decidedContinue reading “Essam Identification Summit Video Clips”