Basketball practice



“Its ‘ok’ that the coaches don’t know how to play basketball. We can teach them to play the game. What is important is that they are willing to tie the shoe laces of children”.

That is what Vincent told me as he explained his basketball ministry, Shoot for Life, which is his platform for reaching youth for Jesus in Kumasi, Ghana.

Mike Moye and I were up early (5:30 AM) today for a sunrise basketball practice. Vincent, and his friend from Baylor, Marquette are training 15 Ghanaians as basketball coaches who will then be the coaches for youth here in Kumasi.  I must say that Mike looked pretty smooth out there on the court!

What makes it interesting and fun is that none of the basketball coaches know how to play basketball yet.  Basketball is a relatively new sport here in Ghana. The court they use is at the Lebanese Club in Kumasi. So, Vincent is beginning from the begining; teaching the game to the coaches, so they can then teach and coach the youth (new spin on 2 Timothy 2:2!).

I saw new Ghanaian coaches who are now passionate basketball nuts! They are showing up early for practice 2-3 times a week to play their hearts out.

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