Going Deep: Kojo Darko

Kojo Darko was abandoned by his family when he was 14 so he lived in the streets where his only acceptance was with criminal and drug gangs. He told me that he slept in open market stalls and rarely bathed, which resulted in people despising and avoiding him. But a local pastor reached out in friendship to him, buying him clothes, soap and food, and Kojo came to see that he was loved and accepted by God.

Here is part of Kojo’s testimony

God has given Kojo a unique vision to reach a group of youth in the broken margins of Ghana. There is an isolated village five miles from Kojo’s home where the children and youth engage in open, recreational sexual activity. Kojo told me that they treat sex like soccer. Because of the remote location of the village they have few healthy recreational options. They have no soccer balls or other types of games. Kojo has started a youth club in the village to introduce sports and other activities that will also give him a voice into their lives to show and teach them how much God loves them and cares about their choices.

I am planning on visiting Kojo later this month and will capture his work in this village on video for the blog.

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