21 – September, Moseaso

With J. Agee the former fetish priest and Dominic who is discipling him.
With J. Agee the former fetish priest and Dominic who is discipling him.

Amazing day in Moseaso.  The folks our coaches have been investing in this year are transforming their community as they are building friendships with drug addicts, alcoholics, personal enemies and traditional fetish priests (voodoo stuff which actually originated in Ghana’s Volta region).  We met with a lot of people and witnesses many lives changed by Jesus. 

Mike and I had an amazing long conversation and time of prayer with our new friend, the traditional fetish priest  I wrote about in our last newsletter.  He is ready to walk away from the bondage of his destructive idol practices, but its a difficult position to “resign”. We are trusting him to the hands of Dominic, the man who is discipling him.

Anyone who knew Jim Moye knows how much he loved games.  A couple of games he introduced in ghana back in the day, Connect 4 and Jenga have become wildly popular.  Coaches give copies of the games away everywhere conferences are held, and Ghanaians are using the games to build relationships in their villages.  The games have also been instrumental in uniting Moseaso churches in the work of reaching their community. 

You have never seen such raucous games of Jenga….trust me.

In Moseaso, we also spent time praying for a sick boy who suffered a stroke on his way to school, and got invited to a joyful funeral.

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