Finally! I can post my “travel news”

Its been brutal getting to the computer with a good enough connection and enough time to post news of my trip with Mike Moye to Ghana.  In short, we’ve had an incredible time of ministry and community.  Mike is going to post an update tomorrow (as long as technology cooperates), so you can hear from his voice as well.

Now I’m going to start posting short excerpts from our time in Ghana.

18 September –

Today, Mike Moye (Jim’s older brother) and I arrived in Accra, the capital of Ghana.  Its exciting to be back for many reasons, but its also Mike’s first trip to Africa, and I love introducing people to Africa.  We’re going off the beaten path for the next ten days to see for ourselves, and lend a hand to, work that our young Ghanaian leaders (Coaches) are doing in their communities.

By “work” what I mean is that they are showing Christ’s love, in very practical ways, to the lost, needy and broken people where they live.  Then they deeply disciple these people to “do the same to others in their community”.  It is through this serving that some people first learn that they are loved by God.

In Moseaso we will be meeting with young people who are multiplying our vision in their home town and are building relationships with people suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism, and others who are involved in traditional idol worship.  I love that they are intentionally loving people that the local churches often write off as “already condemned to hell”.  We are equipped with donated school supplies for kids in this mining town.

In Kumasi, we’ll be helping Vincent Asamoah with his basketball outreach to local kids.  Mike will be helping coach Vincent’s newly recruited b-ball coaches, some of whom love Jesus and kids, but they are learning to play the game for the first time!

Finally we will be up in the predominently Muslim, less economically developed, northern region of Ghana for a YLI Leadership Identification Summit and for more time in villages.  Stay tuned because as we go, we’ll be posting stories and photos of our experiences and “Jesus sightings”.

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