Coaches Leave for YLI Training in Dambai





This week, Vincent, Kojo, Jonah and Pastor Brown have traveled to a town called Dambai up on the other side of Lake Volta.  Dambai has been waiting two years for a YLI conference in their little town, which is isolated and poor, with very little infrastructure.


YLI conferences usually begin and end with wild games of Connect-4 and Jenga.  We want all that we do to be wrapped in relationship, and the games are the grease of relationship building.  From the games we move into a just as spirited and joyful time of P.W.D. (praises, worship and dance).  The rest of the conferences is teaching time interspersed with breakout discussions.

Breakout Session


Over a period of three days we dive deeply into teaching and discussion on:  developing an intimate relationship with God, showing God’s love to the lost through local service in their community, and choosing a few people to mentor and disciple deeply.


The photos are from an earlier conference this year in Tarkwa.

The Ceremonial Giving of the Connect-4
The Ceremonial Giving of the Connect-4







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