Adventures in Tamale (the city, not the food)

Pray for poor John Mark.  He’s had a tough week.  He has two big knots on his head from collisions with the tile floor and furniture.  And on top of that, it looks like our perfect health record has been broken (I am actually surprised it lasted this long).  We think he has the Giardia parasite –Continue reading “Adventures in Tamale (the city, not the food)”

The grease of non-relationship

After the past three weeks of grueling travel throughout northern, western and southern Ghana, and before Ash’s conference and exploratory trip to Liberia next week, we have been enjoying a week together at home in Kumasi.  It was one of our hopes for our time in Ghana is that we would spend more time together as a family (not an uncommon desire ofContinue reading “The grease of non-relationship”