From Vincent Asamoah, YLI Ghana National Coordinator

Vincent (left) with Ash

from Vincent Asamoah, YLI’s leader in Ghana —

“This is my first time ever in Liberia.  I was not sure what to expect, and I was open to whatever there is to be seen.  

 This afternoon I had the privilege to drive through the city of Monrovia with some friends from the US and Caleb Dormah, a Liberian who happens to be a three-time national basketball most valuable player!

As we drove through the densely populated city (1.6 million people), Caleb said that about 40% of the people in the city were involved in the civil war that claimed over 300,000 lives.

From this story, I felt that the only way to bring about true healing, forgiveness and reconciliation is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and YLI is poised to do that.

Please pray for YLI’s leadership as we pray for God’s leading for 2010; especially in regards to how He may lead us to engage young people in Liberia.”   

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