Update with no internet or power

This is an update from my iPhone since we’ve had no power and internet recently. Its frustrating not to be able to share photos from the coaches conference, Vincents basketball site and the All Nations Orphanage. The only photos online are on my (Ash Zook) personal Facebook page.

This morning we are packing 6 of us and all bags into our car for the 7-14 hour drive up north to Tamale.

We have had some great conversations with our Ghanaian leaders about the diverse spiritual climate in this country and how Christ is making himself known in the lives of the humble who seek him.

One coach from the north recently began helping out a muslim youth with daily meals, a room to sleep in at his own and as a mentor. The young man, through the coach’s authentic love and concern has taken the decision to follow Jesus as well and is learning to walk as a disciple of Jesus. He and the coach now work as a team to go out and love and serve in their community. The coach has asked for prayer for the boy’s family, safety and increased wisdom for himself as well. It reminds me of the second part of 1 Corinthians 8:1, “knowledge puffs up, but love builds up”. Seeing our friends here radically loving people in need is more exciting to me than any other sign of spiritual growth.

It has been a crazy amount of fun to travel with Vincent, Gary, Rob and Rich. We’re laughing constantly, but I am also greatly benefiting from their eyes and perspective here.

Gary did an incredible job leading the coaches through a study in Matthew 23, having them interpret it through their unique African experience.

Rob poured out a lot of love in kids in the orphanage and they soaked it up like sponges. He became a student, letting them teach him some Twe, the local language.

Rich has captured our trip with photos and video, and led the kids at the orphanage in songs that blessed us all. He’s a servant.

All three have listened to the life stories of the Ghanaian coaches, prayed for them and opened up their own lives as well. Some of the challenges faced are so different (pressure to worship idols, seek guidance from diviners and total rejection and violent threats from family), so there has been little advice giving and a lot of listening.

Ok, my finger is getting tired typing on this little iPhone keyboard, but hopefully we’ll stumble upon some reliable electricity and internet soon.

The car is packed and we’re off to Tamale right now!


One thought on “Update with no internet or power

  1. Ash,
    Thanks for the update. It was wonderful to read about all the great things God is doing in Ghana. Tell everyone Fran, Jim and I say Hello and we wish we were there too! -Rhonda

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