Mohammed A. from Tamale

“Mohammed A.  had no knowledge in listening to God until we finished the first day’s topic of Intimacy with God. It has been over a year now after the program and he is still growing.

Evangelist Mohammed in his testimony talked with passion how Incarnational Evangelism (loving the people around him) has been a powerful tool for him, penetrating into the ‘Konkomba’ community in getting his ‘Timothys(mentoring a few)Through love, kindness and sharing the little that he had (e.g. .clothing, food) with them, it has been easy for him to plant a Church in the Moslem Community where he lives with a membership of 20.This feat seemed impossible to others but it is a reality now because he identified and did things in common with them.

He thanked God for YLI, it’s leadership and their families, he also prayed for more blessing and support for YLI to extend the “Lifestyle of Jesus Christ” to others.”

This is an excerpt from Vincent and Churcher’s report from our time in Tamale, Ghana.  Even through I don’t specifically remember him, I met Mohammed a year ago.  The exciting thing is the impact that he has made on his community over the past year because he simply listened to God’s voice, and loved the people around him with the love of Christ.

That’s what its all about.

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