Coach’s Conference

Today, the seven YLI coaches and six new in-training coaches will be descending upon us in Kumasi for the coach’s conference.  These are the key young men and women who lead our work of incarnational evangelism and mentoring discipleship throughout Ghana.  They are natural leaders (what Jim Moye called H.A.F.T.  Heart for God, Available, Faithful,Continue reading “Coach’s Conference”

Alfred from Essam

Yesterday, Jatoe, Churcher and I drove to a town called Essam to meet with Alfred, a teacher who Jatoe ran into in Sunyani in 2006.  Since that short conversation Alfred has been calling Jatoe periodically to ask if YLI could come and train some young people in Essam.   We are going to hold that conference July 23rd – 25th.  If you find Essam on a map of GhanaContinue reading “Alfred from Essam”