The daily update

Our coaches summit finished up today and most of the coaches and trainees have started returning to their homes on hot and dusty afternoon buses. Its humbling to think that some of them travel by bus for almost the same length of time that I travel by plane to be with them.

I am noticing this group become more cohesive as they encourage, support each other and have fun together. The experience of authentic community within the coaches in Kumasi is key to seeing our ministry multiplied by the coaches in their towns, cities and villages.

I spent a good amount of time with one of our new guys, Kojo Darko. 10 years ago he was a homeless teenager after being rejected by his family. A gang was his family, he slept in the open market and in storefronts, and got into the local drug culture. Its no surprise that Kojo now has a passionate heart for reaching teenagers who are involved in dangerous stuff. He has started taking a team of people he disciples to reach out to the youth in a remote village who are involved in some very destructive behavior. I did about a 15 minute video interview with Kojo today that I am looking forward to making available by web (when I get to some respectable internet service).

Moving forward, tomorrow my good friend Pastor Bossman is coming to visit from Sunyani. Then, Monday we start working on a lot of stuff that make me so thankful for Jim Moore. I am sure that Churcher and I will spend much more time with spreadsheets than I would like. Pray for my attention span.

Thanks so much for praying for us and supporting us in so many ways. Our coaches were effusive in their thanks for all of you. They have heard about the US economy and they just wanted me to send their gratitude for your commitment.

Until tomorrow.

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