Why I love this job.

Today was an incredible day in Kumasi, Ghana.

1. First of all, I am a fool for not recording the session taught by our special guest, Vincent Asamoah, this morning. It was powerful and emotional time Vincent and the coaches who worked with him before Jim died. Vincent told his story of how everything he believed about ministry leadership changed through his friendship with Jim Moye. For example, In 2002, he and a few other African coaches traveled to a northern town during a very hot time of the year. They all knew that sleeping without A/C would be nearly impossible. Since the only A/C room had been booked for Jim, he invited all of the coaches to sleep in his room and told Vincent to sleep in the bed with him. Sounds like a middle school lock-in!

Vincent also said that after meeting all of our coaches and trainees this week, that he has never felt so excited about the future of YLI. He is looking forward to moving back to Kumasi and beginning to work again with us.

2. I did record a conversation with Albert Churcher and Adam Brown from Tamale. They told me how after the YLI conference there last month they took the left over food to some hungry men sitting outside of a mosque who were very thankful and excited to receive it. Adam told me how just 10 years ago a muslim in Tamale would never accept food from a Christian; but now, as they have continued to demonstrate love to them, muslim men and women are allowing Christians to care for their needs. Adam’s primary calling is to disciple young men and women as they travel together to show love in very practical and powerful ways to the muslim community. Many are coming to see who Jesus really is.

3. We mapped out our entire ministry calendar for 2009; and let me tell you, I got fired up. YLI is hitting new ground this year and responding to “Macedonia calls” from some other corners of Ghana that have heard about our message and want us to come. Hopefully some of you back in the US will make a short journey with me to be a part of some of these gatherings.

4. We had groundnut soup with rice balls and chicken tonight (with extra hot pepper) which can make any day good!

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