Vision Day

I’ve never recovered from jet lag so fast, which is good because after our overnight flight we drove immediately the five hours to Kumasi.  The drive was significantly more brutal than the 12 hour flight, mostly because I didn’t allow us any recovery time in Accra.  The reason was I planned to begin the conference a mere seven hours after we landed (for those of you thinking about joining me on a future trip, know that I’ve learned my lesson!).

The first day of our coaches’ summits are only for the existing coaches.  We have made this first day a focus on spiritual formation, discernment and vision so we continue to respond God’s voice and leading for our ministry in Ghana.  Its a collaborative and discussion oriented time with space for prayer and listening.  

The primary topics of the day were:

1.  living as mission, embodying mission in the same way that Jesus was a living mission among the hurting and lost.  The life and mission of Christ, expressed through us, is our most powerful teaching and training tool.

2.  discovering one’s platform for the lost, asking the question, “have we created lives so busy with ‘Christian work’ that we have no platform for building relationships with people who need Jesus?”  We discussed what a platform to the lost could look to reach poor farmers, village children, drug addicts or village chiefs, and other groups of hurting people in Ghana.  Yes, even chiefs have great struggles!  

3.  discipleship in the context of mission, looking at Jesus’ life (we discussed Jim Moye as a secondary example) and seeing great multiplication because they discipled people not in a closed room, but within the context of a mission that was then transferred to them.

Got to run… tomorrow I’ll upload photos.

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