Jesus in the shadow of the slave market

On my last Ghana trip, I visited a town called Salaga, and saw the sign announcing “Welcome to Salaga Slave Market”.  It seemed a far too cheerful way to mark the dirt on which, for hundreds of years, slaves were brought from all over West Africa to be sold.  Salaga was an important way station for the African slaveContinue reading “Jesus in the shadow of the slave market”

What’s new with Shoot4Life and Vincent Asamoah

  Vincent has seen Shoot4Life grow over the last six years from ten young adults learning basketball on a borrowed court to a widespread program that is reaching 3000 children.  The ministry now even owns three courts.  Despite this growth, Vincent still focuses his energy on the young adult basketball coaches he is training toContinue reading “What’s new with Shoot4Life and Vincent Asamoah”

Naomi Awuni: This is discipleship

We’re starting a new video series called This is Discipleship, which give a 3-4 minute snapshot of our coaches’ discipleship ministries.  First, let us give a huge thanks to the videographer, Daniel Moye.  Daniel is 17 years old and the son of Jim and Fran Moye.  He spent a couple weeks in Ghana with Ash this summer.   Here’s a note fromContinue reading “Naomi Awuni: This is discipleship”

Transition in Ghana — 4 Ways to Pray

Dear friends, After landing in Ghana, I drove with some coaches up to Tamale in Ghana’s north.  YLI has a lot going on in Ghana these days.  The coaches and I have a busy schedule – building relationships, planning, praying and ministering together in ‘the north’. We ask you to pray for for our timeContinue reading “Transition in Ghana — 4 Ways to Pray”

3 Weeks. 3 Questions. An exploratory trip to India

While in India I was asked, “What do you need to see in order to return to India?” My response: “I would come back for one person as long as he is the right person.” To find this person of peace, I had a few questions of my own: 1. What are some ways God is alreadyContinue reading “3 Weeks. 3 Questions. An exploratory trip to India”

January 2015 India Vision Trip

The winding straight & narrow “He will direct your paths…” For the last seven years, all of my international travel with Young Leaders International has been to West Africa (nearly 30 trips). I went there because I sensed God intended for me to go deep in relationship with a few people and release the breadthContinue reading “January 2015 India Vision Trip”

Update on the Fulani ministry and water for Jabado

In addition to leading the Fulani ministry in Saboba, Jonah is also working to provide clean water for Konkomba villages in northern Ghana. The main guiding principle for our water projects is that we only install them in communities where we have young leaders engaged in relational discipleship ministry. That ensures that the impact isContinue reading “Update on the Fulani ministry and water for Jabado”

New leaders in the YLI community

  Training conferences are not the focal point of YLI, but they serve a vital purpose: help us meet new young leaders. We asked a few new leaders in our community about the impact YLI has made in their lives and ministries: Owusu shared how God is using him to relationally win drug addicts forContinue reading “New leaders in the YLI community”

Embracing the migrant and nomad

Naomi Awuni experienced great loss in 2014. Her 16-year-old son King (shown above) succumbed to a long illness in July. King was a sweet kid and model student. A School for Migrant Children Naomi started the King James Academy, named for both her sons, to educate and disciple migrant children around her town of Sunyani.Continue reading “Embracing the migrant and nomad”