The New YLI Home Base

A YLI Home Base isn’t just a house and it isn’t just an office. It is a place for our Coaches to land for a few hours, or days, and get time to pray, play, meet together, rest from travel, retreat, relax, re-create, study, and connect.

YLI has a new Home Base in northern Ghana, and that’s a significant milestone!

Years ago, we had a home base in the southern city of Kumasi. Kumasi was strategic because of the large population of Christians, especially Christian young adults in southern Ghana.

Ghana’s north, on the other hand, has historically been heavily Muslim-influenced in both culture and religion, and poorer than the south. I’ve heard stories of Ghanian pastors from the south, who, as a consequence of angering the wrong denominational leader, were exiled to a northern post as punishment!

YLI has had its eyes on the north since our beginning. Our vision has been to disciple Christian leaders who would move joyfully into the Muslim world out of love for God, and lost people. Over the years, YLI’s center of gravity has slowly but naturally moved north. In 2006, 80% of Coaches were from southern Christianized ethnic groups. Today, over 90% of YLI Coaches and interns are from a northern Muslim or traditional ethnic group, and our southern leaders are ministering in the north.

A couple years ago we began to talk and pray about establishing an actual Home Base up in the north.

Reestablishing the “YLI Home Base”, in Tamale, Ghana’s northern capital, is a visible marker of God’s faithfulness in leading YLI deeper into the non-Christian African world. YLI trained leaders are serving in very challenging places. Most live as Christian minorities. Many live in hostile environments. They need our love and support.

As soon as we can get the home base ready, YLI leaders will come to for training, community, discipleship, rest, prayer, food, sports, and encouragement. It will be their place as much as YLI’s place. We want it to be amazing for them.

We need living and dining furniture for 20 people as well as two sets of bunkbeds for 6 bedrooms. We need a fridge, a range and kitchen supplies. We’ll need linens and towels. We want it to be decorated comfortably but uniquely as a YLI Home Base. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

As our plans come together we will be in contact with you about how you can get involved either by donating or traveling to Ghana to sweat with us! Stay tuned…

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