New Intern!

Kathryn Zook, Media Specialist

Kathryn and Ash in northern Ghana

Kathryn grew up in YLI, visiting and living in Ghana off and on with her family since 2008. She loves YLI and our people, and has a desire to see YLI continue to reach younger generations.

For the last few months Kathryn has been overhauling YLI’s social media accounts, designing t-shirts, and telling the stories of YLI Coaches and Interns. 

Kathryn is currently living in Carrollton, GA and is also working as a youth ministry intern at Southern Hills Christian Church. 

You can see Kathryn’s work and learn about what is going on with YLI in Nigeria and Ghana.

Instagram @youngleadersint

Facebook @youngleadersinternational

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