Coach Retreat, July 2022

YLI trains around 200 new young leaders every year. After completing YLI’s training process, a few of them are invited into a 3-year internship. Intern retreats are great fun with prayer, teaching and friendship. They also share about their lives which is more serious. Interns told stories of persecution, broken families, deaths of children and parents, and financial and career hardships. They are not defeated by trials. As Jesus’ disciples they minister out of their suffering. 

July 2022 in Accra, Some current Coaches and Interns from Nigeria and Ghana (along with Ash Zook and friend Nathan White) at the semi-annual retreat.


Sept 15-16. Gbeogo, Ghana: Follow Up Training

Sept. 16-25. Ash Zook in Ghana

Sept. 21-24  Chamba, Ghana: Basic Training

Oct. 3-5. Wapuli, Ghana: Basic Training

Nov. 6-20. Ash Zook in Nigeria and Ghana

Nov. 8-11. Tamale Ghana: Leadership Summit

Nov. 17-19. Jos, Nigeria: Basic Training

Dec. 13 YLI Luncheon at the Atlanta Athletic Club. You are invited! RSVP

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