Double the water projects 

Drilling a well to serve this pregnant woman and her entire community.

Earlier this year, YLI Coach Constant photographed the pregnant woman above as she attempted to collect water from a muddy river bed in the village of Latinkpa. Constant’s heart broke as did ours when he sent us the photo. Praise God, her entire village now has clean water. 

When YLI leaders first began going to remote villages for cross-cultural discipleship, they felt dissonance in talking about God’s love when the people lacked clean water. In 2010 we prayerfully discerned that funding clean water in villages where African YLI leaders were planted for mission did not distract from our call to discipleship. In fact, it has given credibility to our leaders’ testimonies of Jesus. 

This year, by God’s grace, we have more young leaders working in rural communities, and that means more clean water projects than ever before. We completed three and have seven more to go. 

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