Transition in Ghana — 4 Ways to Pray

Dear friends,

After landing in Ghana, I drove with some coaches up to Tamale in Ghana’s north.  YLI has a lot going on in Ghana these days.  The coaches and I have a busy schedule – building relationships, planning, praying and ministering together in ‘the north’. We ask you to pray for for our time together and for our safety as we are traveling around the country.  Here are some prayer points related to the work we will be doing over the next several days.

1.  After three years of prayer and careful selection we have invited four new Coach trainees to join our team in Ghana: Zak, Constance, Francis and Achare.  This raises the number of our leadership team of Coaches in Ghana from five to nine.  With the exception of one person, the entire team and I will be retreating away for a few days together – for prayer, teaching, collaboration, and enjoying time together.

2.  Two new water projects are kicking off in the Saboba district.  I’m reminded over and over again how simple-acts-of-love that are grounded in discipleship vividly illustrate the message of the gospel so effectively, and lead to spiritual multiplication.  I’m looking forward to spending time with some of the people in these communities this week.

3.  One of the greatest needs in the Fulani ministry has been transportation.  The Fulani are a widely dispersed and nomadic people.  Not only are they hard to find, but the team has had no reliable way to visit the remote clusters of Fulani homes.  Some American YLI friends (I call them the YLI tribe) stepped up, and along with Nate Harkness and Love Nomads Coffee have raised some money for a motorcycle.  If all goes well we’re going motorcycle shopping in Tamale later this week!

4.  The Ghana coaches are in regular communication with Emanuvel Dass in India, and we are beginning to find ways to support and encourage what God is doing in India through YLI.  Its exciting to see that our coaches and leaders do not see themselves as receivers of mission only, but are also leading mission both inside and outside of Ghana!

I’ll do my best to be updating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the remainder of my time in Ghana.  As always, thank you for your prayer and support.


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