Naomi Awuni: This is discipleship

We’re starting a new video series called This is Discipleship, which give a 3-4 minute snapshot of our coaches’ discipleship ministries.  First, let us give a huge thanks to the videographer, Daniel Moye.  Daniel is 17 years old and the son of Jim and Fran Moye.  He spent a couple weeks in Ghana with Ash this summer.   Here’s a note from Ash about the first video:

One of the fun challenges of my job is to help you get to the know the YLI Coaches as people, their lives, personalities, families and ministries – how they live as disciples of Jesus.  Until now, I’ve done my best with words and pictures, but last month Daniel Moye traveled through Ghana with me.  Daniel is a fun and creative short movie maker!  This video he created  captures our Coach Naomi Awuni’s spirit, passion and winsome personality better than I’ve been able with just words and pictures.  This is discipleship!

The video is just over 4 minutes – click the photo above or this link.  Please watch it…I dare you to try not to smile.

— Ash

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