3 Weeks. 3 Questions. An exploratory trip to India

While in India I was asked, “What do you need to see in order to return to India?”
My response: “I would come back for one person as long as he is the right person.”

To find this person of peace, I had a few questions of my own:

1. What are some ways God is already working through young Christian leaders in India?
During the leader gathering where I taught, I met young pastors leading small house churches in areas where the gospel faces strong opposition.  One young man is training pastors and missionaries to go to areas that currently have no Christian presence.  Emmanuel Daas, who I told you about recently, leads a growing church out of his house, and reaches out to to both very poor lower-caste neighborhoods and more prosperous higher-caste neighborhoods.

2.  Are there clear ways in which YLI could be of service to them both in their ministries and in their discipleship journeys?  
Many of these leaders expressed that they had never heard a discipleship message like the one I taught, and have a desire to go deeper both in relationship and training.

3.  Most importantly, “Is God leading YLI to begin investing in a few young Indian leaders through discipleship?”
Yes, I believe so.  To do that, I’ll need help.  And my best help is in Ghana.

I am now praying, planning and beginning to raise funds so I can return to India in June with a team of Ghanaian YLI coaches.  I am excited to go deeper in training and discipleship with Indians and Africans together.  I think that there is much for us to all learn from each other.

Thanks for praying with me, as I am still processing all that I saw, experienced and learned.  It was a lot.  I certainly saw God working creatively and dynamically through young leaders in this country in which the Christian population is small, but growing rapidly. I now consider each of these young leaders my friend and I’m moved to be part of what God’s doing there. More news to come as details are worked out.

All His best,

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