YLI Trained Leaders – Elijah of Kintampo



I met my friend Elijah in 2010 during YLI training in the town of Kintampo.  Over the following year I kept hearing reports from the coaches about this Elijah from Kintampo who was seeing amazing ministry as he lived out our teaching on love evangelism and deep discipleship.

Elijah is an auto mechanic and works alongside many Muslims who moved to Kintampo for economic reasons.  Elijah has had many of these Muslims and their families come to him secretly for prayer.

Elijah told me that some of the Muslims that have come to him secretly for prayer are now coming to know Jesus.  Elijah has started a church so new Muslim believers can worship in a safe place.

Elijah came to know Jesus for himself through an amazing set of circumstances.  As an older teen he had to move alone up to the northern city of Tamale to care for an uncle who had been falsely imprisoned.  His uncle instructed Elijah to appeal to their gods for his release by engaging in dark traditional sacrifices and idol worship.  During this time he fell into a deep depression and coped with heavy drinking.  Finally, he encountered some Catholics who welcomed him and introduced him to Jesus Christ.

After his uncle’s eventual release from prison, Elijah moved back to Kintampo and built his auto repair business.  Elijah also began to share the gospel with his family, and as a result, led his father to Christ.  Today, Elijah’s father hosts extended family gatherings for the purpose of introducing the rest of the family to Jesus.

Elijah has planted four churches using the teaching he received from YLI on intimacy with God, love evangelism and going deep in discipleship with a few.   He lives the gospel, ministering out of his own difficult testimony, so that others can know the hope they also have in Christ.

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