YLI Trained Leaders – Bossman and Samuel



Almost a decade ago, Yeboah Bossman felt called by God to start a church in the midst of a community of northern immigrants who had moved south to his town of Sunyani to seek a better life.  The community, nicknamed “Angola,” was notorious for alcoholism, drug abuse, poverty and sexual promiscuity.

Bossman and his family moved into a single room of a small building that also housed a witch doctor in one adjacent room and squatters in another.  As he started his ministry, the persecution was intense, but eventually the witch doctor died, the building was razed, and he started building his church on the same site.

After going through YLI discipleship with our coach Naomi Awuni, Bossman began holding discipleship meetings that were open to everyone in the community.  A young man named Samuel attended regularly but usually showed up intoxicated or hung over..  Samuel always brought his drinking buddies with him.

Eventually, Samuel came to Christ and began to deal with his alcoholism.  When I met with Sam this year he had been sober for two years, but his young body is suffering the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.  We prayed with him for his physical healing and that God will give him strength to follow his desire to minister to others in his community.

Like Jesus, Yeboah Bossman and his family embraced abject poverty in order to reach a group of sinful, broken and hurting people.  And God is blessing them richly.  Though their living situation is startling, their joy is uncontainable.  They need your prayers!

Bossman House.002

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