Today’s trip to Ghana and Coaching Conference News

I’m flying to Ghana today for my 20th visit since 2006.  This first of five 2012 trips was happily delayed by the healthy birth of Timothy Zook on January 8th.  Carrie, Katie and John Mark are doing well which allows my heart to be at rest for the next twelve days.  They are so thankful for your prayer support while I’m gone!   Details of my trip are below.  Please use them as prayer points as you remember the YLI coaches, and me, during our time together.

With gratitude,


Info about the March trip and Coaching Conference

Coaching Conference
God has brought several new young Ghanaian leaders into our orbit, and our number of coaches is likely to soon increase by 50%-100%.  Growing even a small organization requires careful planning and a lot of prayer. We will be praying and doing some needed organizational planning together during the first few days of my trip (Mar 2-4).

Paul and Timothy Relationships
Discipleship can occur in peer friendships and through relationships with caring, older spiritual brothers or sisters.  But there is something especially powerful in a discipling friendship with a spiritual father or mother:  a “Paul”. This week I will be teaching on the Apostle Paul’s investment into Timothy’s life as a spiritual father, as he:
1. Selected Timothy for a task
2. Equipped him for effectiveness
3. Empowered him through challenging situations
4. Deployed him in ministry
5. Communicated to him the depth of their friendship.   


This is the chief of the village of Chaagbuni.  As a result of the relationship-building YLI Coach Adam Brown has done in the village, a Muslim group now gathers once a week to listen to Adam teach from the Bible over radio airwaves.  This is an incredible risk for them and speaks to the power of building loving friendships with people who are lost and hurting.  We plan on supporting this work with Adam by partnering to provide a clean water source for Chaagbuni later this spring.

10th Anniversary of YLI
It’s hard to believe that my first trip to Ghana was 10 years ago, but photos don’t lie!  This week Fran also told me how hard it is for her to believe that 10 years have gone by since she and Jim packed up three small boys and travelled to Ghana to begin YLI.  Four of the original coaches Jim recruited are still with us, and I know Jim would be proud of how they have grown as leaders who are reaching their world.  In losing it’s founder after just two years, YLI endured a hardship that would have been the end of many ministries.  But because of the power of spiritual multiplication, our vision for developing young leaders continues to grow and deepen.

Loss of James’ wife
James Tetteh is a leader we met in 2007 and had the pleasure of training over the three following years.  He’s a gentle, wise and loving leader who is impacting many young lives in his role as an educator.  In 2009, his wife suffered a stroke and gradually her health dimished until her passing this month.  We love James and have mourned with him through this difficult time.  Vincent and I will be visiting him in his home next week.  Your prayers will be a great encouragement to him.

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