How can an organization be shaped to catch the wind of the Spirit?

A year ago I had the privilege to visit Partners International in Spokane WA.  Partners is an organization staffed with wise and seasoned missionaries and they have made a decision to only serve in the hardest parts of the world.  Partner’s Alex Araujo has led a conversation of how to shape an organization that depends not on our best human efforts, but on the movement of God’s Spirit.

I enjoyed listening to Alex speak and later found some of his writings online. This is from the Sailing Friends blog.

“This utter lack of knowledge of when and how God will act is likely to make us very uncomfortable. In fact, we are so uncomfortable that we resort to our best human resources to come up with plans to do what God asks us to do. We try to make up for the fact that God has left us in the dark about his plans and agenda by coming up with our own. When we do this, we fail to understand something very basic to being people of Christ in the world. What is this very basic thing?”

To hear about this very basic (yet so challenging) thing, point your rudder to Sailing Friends.

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