“…little things with great love”

I often gain new perspective from our Ghana coaches that enriches my own discipleship journey.

This sign is hanging on the wall in Adam Brown’s one room, mud brick office in Tamale, Ghana.  Adam’s village ministry has no regular income, which means he is able to do only only a fraction of the village projects that he dreams up.  Yet his ministry has tremendous power.  The gospel is accelerating through his life, and the lives of his few fellow disciples, into communities where the name of Jesus has not yet been heard.

I’ve learned from observing Adam that God has designed us as creatures with limits.  Each one of us has only limited time, energy and resources.  It’s incredibly frustrating sometimes.  But God is limitless, and he multiplies our faithfulness.  He accomplishes great things through us as we pour ourselves into small things with Great Love.

Many have quoted that, “If we take care of the depth of our ministry, God will take care of the breadth.”  But this requires that I embrace my own God given limits, go deep where God has placed me, and give him the glory when he broadens and multiplies my small ministry.

With God, the magnitude of our impact is limitless, But we may only see the true impact when he gets the glory in the next life.  Are we willing to take the risk of investing deeply in small things, but with Great Love?

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