Coaching Conference: Empowering Young Leaders

Thanks for your patience. It’s been four days since I arrived in Ghana and this is my first update. Our Coaching Conference started as soon as I arrived at the Kumasi airport Friday night. Vincent, Naomi and Tettey were waiting for me at baggage claim.


One thing I love about our people is the complete lack of stuffiness that can, at times (lets admit it), be found in gatherings of senior level leaders. YLI coaches are known for their fun which helps people relax and experience God’s love. A frequent inside joke among the coaches is how during our trainings, ministry people are sometimes offended with our laughing, games and relaxed atmosphere, but then usually loosen up and join the fun.




Naomi, Isaac, Solomon, and Jonah

After coffee outside early the next morning we did some digging in the scriptures; examining together Paul's spiritual-father relationship with Timothy. Our conversation lasted around three hours and gradually focused in on the observation that Paul didn't just train Timothy, but empowered him. Through the relationship Timothy developed confidence, a sense of authority, responsibility for his own spiritual journey, and he internalized Paul's mission to spread the gospel as his own mission.

Knowing that Timothy was not just trained with the right skills and information, but empowered; Paul was at peace even though his life was like a carton of juice that was almost completely poured out.


What can we all learn about empowering others from Paul?
1. Carefully select the right people for leadership positions (Acts 16:1-3)
2. Invite them on a journey and model what it means to work toward the goal/mission (Acts 16:1-3, 2 Tim 3:10-11)
3. Teach them to become spiritual self feeders (1Tim 4:6, 2 Tim 3:15-17)
4. Equip them culturally for the task (Acts 16:1-3)
5. Assign to them difficult tasks that will build confidence and reliance on God (1Tim 1:3-7)
6. Publicly affirm their gifts, abilities and value (Phi 2:22, 1 Corinth 4:17)
7. Let them know you expect they will be successful (1 Tim 4:6,15)
8. Remind them of their gifts, calling, and the reward. (1Tim 1:18, 4:10, 4:14, 6:20, 2 Tim 4:8)
9. Help them internalize the goal; make the mission their own. (1 Tim 6:11,2 Tim 2:1-3)
10. Communicate your love for them and how important the relationship is to you. They are not just employees or servants with a job to do, but people who are valued by God (2 Tim 1:2-4)

Sunset after the coaching conference taken from the porch we were meeting on


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