Day 5: Update on our tribe

Sometimes when I meet with people we’ve trained in Ghana they ask me if I will tell the people in the U.S. about them. It is a comfort to them that people know of them and think about them. I like to say that I will; after all we are all part of the tribe of Jesus.

One friend I met with yesterday in Ghana has made a courageous decision to plant a church in a section of his city called Angola. It’s drug infested – people go behind the storage shed my friend lives in with his wife and two kids to do drugs, and he goes out to befriend them.

One young man (Samuel) whom he led to Jesus is an alcoholic who struggles and often fails daily with sobriety. But Samuel loves Jesus and brings his friends to my friend so they can pray. My friend sits with them, prays (regardless if they’ve been drinking or not) and is discipling Samuel deeply to better reach his friends. My friend said “Can you believe I have a drunkard as a disciple?”. My response: “That’s awesome. God will change him. You just love him.” Of course that is far too easy for me to say.

Other pastors in my friend’s denomination have tried to convince him to plant his church in an area that can actually support him (he is dependent on tithes for his salary), but he knows whom God has called him to love and he’s not moving.

So now you know of my friend Bossman. He’s a humorous, compassionate and joyful man with deep love for God. As he comes to mind remember him in prayer – we are all part of the same tribe.

Here is a picture of our team (minus me) with Bossman.

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