Day 4: Sunyani with Naomi

Today we drove to Sunyani where over the past five years our coach Naomi has discipled many men and women of all ages. We got to meet with ten of them.

She has welcomed whole families to live with her in her two room house, adopted a four year girl who she found crying and abandoned at the market, she’s taught older male pastors how share their love for Jesus by engaging in acts of compassion to others.

All of this has taken place after the death of her husband in 2005 which left her a widow with three young children. People came around her and deeply cared for her in her grief, and so she, instead of circling the wagons and hoping to just survive as a single mom, threw open the doors of her home and her heart for others.

Since I’ve known Naomi, her house has been robbed and has burned down. One of her children was stabbed. Yet there a deep joy in Naomi that the people who know her recognize as Jesus.

Wednesday we are off to Drobo.

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