An ambitious trip to Ghana, but so much to see

I (Ash) just arrived in Ghana and am resting up for a few hours before kicking off a travel schedule that is very ambitious (even by my whirlwind travel standards).

Tomorrow morning I’m taking a local flight to Tamale in the north to meet Vincent and Adam Brown. Together we will drive out to the village of Kpenchela where Adam has been training up young leaders who are loving the unloved there.

I’ll get to see for myself the clean water system that we partnered with Adam to provide for the village (with great help from a great friend, Garret Nichols).

I hear there is much more to this water story and its impact, but I want to see it for myself before commenting. This Love that Adam and his leaders are sharing in this Muslim dominated area is spreading…

Then we’re off to a Coaches Summit in Kumasi and a Young Leaders training in Kintampo before I head home in ten days.

Please pray that I’ll see what God wants me to see, hear what He wants me to hear and speak what He wants me to say.  And also that our coaches will experience His love  for them through their time with me.

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