Carrie, Liberia, Jatoe, Drobo…

Ash, Roland, Eric and Jatoe hanging out at Easy Link Internet on Saturday night in Kumasi
Ash, Roland, Eric and Jatoe hanging out at Easy Link Internet on Saturday night in Kumasi

I’ve heard the requests for another update from Carrie and please know that she is working on one between everything else she has going on with our kids, other neighborhood kids, the house, shopping in the market, planning meals, me…., and also hosting Albert Jatoe, Eric Awinaaba and Roland Martin this weekend.  I think that the late night Uno games are catching up to her as well.

Also, the Liberian Council of Churches have gotten 40 young leaders together for us from Sept 18-20.  Jatoe and I will be teaching the complete Identification Conference during that time.   Please be praying for us as we fly to Liberia on the 17th and move throughout the country with Roland.

In the meantime, here is an update from Jatoe.  He, Roland, Eric and I are getting as much online work done as possible before heading to way up to Wa in the Upper West region of Ghana. 

“Last week, YLI team with Roland Martin went to Drobo to have a leadership Identification summit as part of the process of internship for Roland.  We had 34 participants including 5 established leaders who attended.  Everyone was excited about the things they learned and promised to unlearn what they have wrongly learned about evangelism to follow the Jesus way of loving unbelievers, bringing them to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and intentionally discipling a few to grow in Christlikeness.

We have just concluded plans of sending Roland to Wa to be with me, Jatoe, for internship.  Whilest in Wa we will be visiting our villages to allow Roland see first hand how disciples there have their discipleship group meetings.  He will also have the opportunity to participate in my leadership group discussions.  The second week will be spent going through discipleship group leading and one on one mentoring techniques. Roland will also move out with me into the community to observe how I relate with unbelievers and new believers as well.

Pray with us for more insight from above since this will be our first time of doing internship.  Eric Awinaaba will also be with us for apprenticeship.”

—  Albert Jatoe Wanaa

One thought on “Carrie, Liberia, Jatoe, Drobo…

  1. Ash, Thank you for spending the entire day uploading the pictures. We so appreciate it and it makes us miss the kids all the more…but that’s good! John Mark is the spittin’ image of his Papa! Can he get any cuter? I love the blog entries, too – yours and Carrie’s.

    Please tell Katie that her letter arrived today and she can stay with us and sleep in the big bed when she comes home…for lots of days. We’ll have a coffee party on the back porch and we’ll watch movies, too.

    Love to all of you. We miss you every day. I’m glad the YLI conferences are going well and you’re able to spend so much time with your coaches. I’m praying for you every day. What an incredible time you all must be having. Hi to our friend Roland.

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