Roland Martin has arrived in Ghana

(L to R) Ash, Roland, Eric, Priscilla and Churcher
(L to R) Ash, Roland, Eric, Priscilla and Churcher

I am learning that air travel is “air travel” regardless of the country, and that flying from Liberia to Ghana can be just as frustrating as a Friday afternoon flight trip from Laguardia to Atlanta!  Churcher and I left Kumasi early this morning for the 4 hour drive to Accra.  Roland was due to arrive at 11 AM, but his plane did not leave Liberia until 4:30 PM.  Churcher and I made the most of our time in Accra though.  We got a good lunch and watched some olympic vollyball action, stopped by the Compassion International office to drop off a gift, and got to spend some wonderful time visting with YLI coach Eric Awinaba and Priscilla Zangina from Bawku.

Roland finally emerged from the arrivals gate shortly after 7 PM tired but excited about his month in Ghana.  Eric is also going to be experiencing the internship with Roland for the entire 30 days.  We hope that we can continue these YLI intensive immersions as God brings the right young men and women to us.

Here is a short greeting from Roland:  ” Greetings in the name of our Lord. It is great to be in Accra again this time for the 30 days training with YLI. My trip was long and tiresome but, by the grace of the Almighty we arrive safely.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful time here in Ghana with YLI coaches. GOD BLESS….”

One thought on “Roland Martin has arrived in Ghana

  1. Awesome! I am glad to read that Roland arrived in Ghana safely. I will pray that God will bless Roland’s time with each person he is with in Ghana for the next 30 days. These times are very exciting and I love following along on the journey. Tell everyone I said Hello.

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