A family update from Carrie

Just finding things to do!
Our creative "activities director"!

There are a few new photos on the Pictures page.


From Carrie:  “Rose, the woman who works at the house, has taken to going on walks with John Mark.  If John Mark is getting fussy, or I am trying to cook, Rose will scoop up John Mark with a smile and a ‘John Mark, so sorry!  Let’s go!!’ and they are off.  John Mark seems to enjoy these strolls, always returning with a smile and a calmed spirit.  Rose tells me he attracts quite a bit of attention, with his blonde curls and his bright smile.  John Mark seems to thrive in the lime light.  He is always ready to flash a smile and let out his irresistible giggle when someone stops on the street to admire him.  And if the person has a cell phone, which most young Ghanaians do, he really turns on the charm!  His imaginary phone conversations are getting longer and full of more animated facial expressions.  If it weren’t for the complete nonsense coming out of his mouth, you might think he was actually talking to someone. 


Katie is also enjoying some of the new aspects of Ghanaian life.  She loves picking out cloth in the market and taking it to the seamstress to have a dress or skirt made.  Her fashion sense is being honed.  She is also becoming quite the connoisseur of local Ghanaian cuisine.  She even likes Kinke, a local dish of fermented corn porridge.  She recently discovered something she doesn’t like.  Walking in the market last week, Katie asked, ‘Mom, why are the kids calling me ‘bruni’?’  ‘Abruni’, I said, ‘It means White Person.’  With a look of indignation she replied, ‘Why are they calling me white person? I am not a white person!  I am wearing pink!’ 


As the week has progressed, Katie has been examining things more closely.  Yesterday as she was sitting on Jatoe’s lap she noticed his hands.  Looking at his palms she said, ‘look, they look like mine.’  Jatoe flipped his hands over and said ‘And how about now?’  Katie said ‘they are brown,’ and flipped his hands back over.  I think she prefers to focus on the similarities.  That is why she isn’t very fond of the term ‘Abruni.’  She doesn’t like being singled out.  And I don’t really blame her.” 

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