Essam Identification Summit Video Clips

From the trip to Western Region last week…It may take a few hours for all of these to process so if they don’t work at first, please visit again later.

This first video is for Jim Moore (few people know he is a great lover of African singing and dancing).  The song leader’s dog decided to come up and help her lead the music and dancing.  Tetteh tried to shoo it away and almost lost his hand. 

Here are some excerpts of Jatoe’s teaching from the Essam Identification Conference.  First Jatoe tells them to change their mindsets… no ‘hit and run evangelism’!  Just go and love those who need you.

Here is Jatoe’s encouragement for them to allow God to live through them…loving those who the ‘sanctified gurus’ won’t get close to.

There is a funny African proverb that says, “He who follows the fishermen also gets the dead fish on him.”  Everyone in the church has heard it because it is often quoted to discourage Christian youth from venturing outside of the safety of the churches and getting their morals corrupted (and if you do hang out with “people of the world” the gossip will certainly follow!).   

And lest we take ourselves too seriously… this was shot behind the church where we did the conference.

This video doesn’t exist

Hope you enjoy it!  It only took me 2 hours to upload this stuff!

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