Back from Essam and Drobo

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I am still working on getting some photos and video optimized for posting but wanted everyone to know that Jatoe, Churcher, Naomi, Tetteh and I had a great time with the youth of Essam at the Leadership Identification Summit.  It is fun to see the reactions as what we are teaching begins to “sink in”.  The young people who attend our 3 day conferences are hand-selected by local pastors because they a desire to reach the people in their communities.  But usually no one has ever really taught them “how to do it” relationally. 

We return to Essam at the end of August for a couple of days to check in and see how they are doing (our Follow-up Conference).  In the meantime…Roland Martin from Liberia arrives Aug 11 to begin his month long internship; there is another Identification Summit in Drobo August 13-15; then mid-month we are traveling up to the Upper West region to visit Jatoe’s home and check in on Abraham in Sazie; and finally we visit Naomi and the people she is discipling in Sunyani at the end of Aug.  Busy month!

One thought on “Back from Essam and Drobo

  1. Great news Ash. I prayed for you and the conference. Sounds like Father showed up in good ways. Thanks for the investment you’re making in the lives and ministries of this new generation of leaders.

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